Why use Diagnostics?

It helps you understand how your whole house works as a system and pinpoints where your energy use can be improved and your comfort enhanced. Without a whole-house assessment, any approach to improving your energy efficiency could be piecemeal and fail to get the results you expect. Following standards set by the Building Performance Institute and California Energy Commission, your energy assessment will be done using strict diagnostic testing requirements—there’s  no guessing.

“One cannot recommend the solution, until they understand the problem”

For years, traditional home improvement contractors have only used two factors in making their recommendations; judgement and experience. Although, most of their recommendations with products and services are effective. We consider this to be an old fashioned approach to making recommendations.

In the medical field, prescription without proper diagnosis is called malpractice. So why would you accept a recommendation from a home improvement contractor who does not have the knowledge in effective testing to appropriately diagnose a solution to the problem from start to finish?

Our approach uses applied science mixed with the use of judgment and experience. NuQuest believes in taking a scientific approach that uses specialized diagnostic tools and computer modeling. This helps ensure a proper diagnosis of the problem, which will lead to the best recommendations and solutions. An assessment will be done before upgrades to help determine the best steps to take, and after upgrades to verify that you’re getting the results you expected.